Network Support Voice Services Specialist

Company: PenTeleData
Department: NCC
Location: Palmerton, Pennsylvania 18071
Job Type: Full Time
Shift: 3PM-11PM
Pay Rate: $30-40,000 Annual based on education & experience

Shifts: 7AM-3PM
*Days worked (including weekends) will vary due to scheduling.  Helping cover shifts missed by other employees can vary as well depending on the scheduling needs

PenTeleData, a leader in Data Transport technologies, is aggressively hiring Specialists to monitor, repair and escalate core network situations in our Network Control Center (NCC).

This highly skilled group of specialists is responsible for monitoring PenTeleData’s (PTD) advanced MPLS network, routers, switches, access devices and commercial customer accounts. These specialists proactively monitor the network, preventing costly service interruptions by transparently resolving any service issues quickly and effectively.  In the event of a core service or customer interruption, this group will directly interface with customers, other employees and vendors to quickly and efficiently resolve the issue(s) and frequently perform root cause analysis.

General Responsibilities Will Include:

  • Monitoring  and responding to core network service outages and following through to resolution
  • Monitoring and responding to customer network service outages and following through to resolution
  • Monitoring and maintaining internal and customer link utilization to maintain Quality of Service
  • Coordinating and communicating with Field Service Personnel to resolve service outages
  • Investigating,  tracking and blocking potential attacks that may affect network service
  • Providing first and second level support to commercial customers
  • Supporting, troubleshooting and resolving issues from managed network customers
  • Interacting with Telco service providers to resolve dedicated circuit service outages
  • Using escalation standards and judgment to quickly resolve service outages
  • Regularly communicating to customers and other employees the network’s “health”
  • Providing second-level support to residential technical support for complex problems
  • Escalating issues and working with engineering and systems departments to resolve
  • Leading R&D projects to resolve major equipment incompatibilities and network issues
  • Interfacing with equipment vendors to troubleshoot service affecting issues



  • Associates or Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science or Telecommunications  OR 3-4 years of experience in the electronics/ communications/ computer industry
  • A minimum of five (5) years proven experience operating telecommunications systems installation, service and maintenance.  Prefer an individual with a strong background in commercial and residential telephone work.  Requires experience and knowledge with the latest developments in voice and data communications, to include VoIP and/or SIP
  • Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Certification
  • Knowledge of and experience with Cisco products
  • Ability to work varied hours/shifts
  • Ability to be on-call during off-work hours
  • Exceptional Customer Service and Communication Skills
  • Excellent Problem-Solving Skills
  • Experience with customer premise wiring and POTS line phone failures
  • Experience with the interconnection of telecommunication equipment and business telephones
  • Experience with special circuits such as PRI, T1, ISDN signaling, SIP and VoIP, as well as, basic setup and demarcation points
  • Experience with T1 and Ethernet facilities and customer equipment troubleshooting
  • Comprehensive understanding of TCP/IP and troubleshooting tools
  • Understanding of Firewalls and Virtual Private Networks
  • Understanding of the technology behind routers, hubs, bridges, and switches
  • Understanding of Cable Modem, xDSL and Wireless technology
  • Understanding of dial-up modems, remote access servers and terminal servers